We are super excited to introduce you to some of the most talented teachers, chefs and producers click on the individuals to find out more about them and what they're bringing to the festival. 

Please be aware due to the nature of the Follies, wheel chair and push chair access will be limited to the grand valley (where many of our talks and stalls will be taking place)

Entry will be from 10am and the park closes at 5pm, with the long table dinner starting from 5.30pm 

Ali Mac- The Fungi Guy.

You won't find anyone that gets more excited about fungi than Ali. Ali Is with us on the Saturday doing two free talks about all things fungi

Lisa Cutcliffe- Edulis wild food

A seasoned wild food specialist and foraging instructor, located in Leeds, UK, boasting over two decades of expertise in harvesting wild fungi, fruits, flowers, and foliage from nature's abundant pantry.

Lisa is bringing the coast to Shropshire for her seaweed talk and delivering a tree identification walk 

Andy Hamilton

Author of Booze For Free and The First Time Forager, Andy will be leading a gin Safari where you'll get to infuse and take home your own bottle of wild gin.
Also grab a signed copy of his new book The First Time Forager

Emma Cronin -Wild Pickle

Emma is a fabulous fermenter creating the most amazing things from Kombucha, cultured butter to kimchi and Sauerkraut.
Emma will be leading wild fermentation workshops 

Vicky Manning - The Little Foragers Kitchen

Vicky is our Scottish wildling, she teaches foraging, bushcraft, wilderness therapy and maker of incredible cake . She will be offering your little ones some exciting nature crafts, den building and the likes.

Gavin Ireland - Found Food

Gavin is a wild food guide and nettle enthusiast, he is the founder of the nettle fest and will be offering some exciting nettle focused workshops

Charlotte Chetwynd- Herbal Howls

Charlotte is a qualified zoopharmacognosy, treating animals aliments with wild plants and guided self medication, she will be leading a consultation and talking about what she does to help your furry friends. 

Graham and Christine- Whitehouse foraging

This wonderful couple are quite often found supporting our sponsors the Association of Foragers, but for us they're leading a family friendly forage.

katalin kocsis - The Naked Pea

Kat is our Miso expert, She's been cooking professionally for nearly 15 years, she made it to the quarterfinals of master chef and then went on to train at Noma, and now her main focus is zero waste food.

Charlotte Flowers - Charlotte Flowers Chocolates

Charlotte is our very own Willy Wonka, creating the most amazing chocolates infusing them with the wonderful flavours she finds in the wild, her chocolate is like no other.

Brendan and Amelia -Mycosia

From a love of mushrooms and nature, growing mushrooms became a way of life, this duo now teach you how to grow your own mushrooms to enjoy.

Lucy Cooke- The Wild Cooke

Lucy is a fantastic forager and make some beautiful looking and tasting food with wild ingredents, she will be leading our beginner foraging walks.

Craig Worral - 4 Wild Seasons and Edible Leeds

Craig is a foraging guide and chef, and wow what this guy can produce for just a few ingredients is mind blowing! Craig will be delivering our Feast a fantastic fine dining experience not to be missed. 

Liz Knight- Forage Fine Foods

Liz is a renowned forager and author of Forage and her new book Buds and Blossoms, Liz will be talking about edible flowers and their uses and you can grab a signed copy of her new book after the talk

Tizzy Reeves - The Plant Based Forager

Tizzy is our vegan forager, finding wild alternatives to animal based products and creating some mind blowing wild vegan food.

Steve Thompson - Forager Chef

Steve is an incredibly talented chef, making mouth watering food from the plants many have forgotten we can eat. His menus are fine dining to the extreme using the best of the season. He will be sharing some of his skill with us.

Joe Bartlett - Chef Joe Bartlett

With over 17 years of experience ranging from teaching cookery to Michelin starred cuisine working Raymond Blanc and everything in between. Joe will be doing some epic cooking demos

Nicola Burgess - Calluna Wild Craft

Nicola is a true wildling, forager and adventurer, she forages, butchers, crafts, guides and more, we all have something to learn from this amazing lady.

Eirian Collinge - Cariad Yoga

The festival isn't all about food and foraging, its about connecting with nature and relaxing. Eirian teaches yoga and meditation and her yoga sessions are not to be missed.

Tom Chishol and Rupert Waites -
Buck and Birch

This dynamic duo have created some incredible things together. They mix wild and known flavours to create some out of this world concoctions, and they'll be sharing them with you!